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Mini Course: how to add video to your puzzle feed


Make it a video… One of THE strongest engagement drivers on social media now is video. Harness this power and add dedicated video posts to your puzzle.


Learn how to add videos to any Instagram puzzle or grid layout with this step-by-step video course.



# H O W I T W O R K S

This is a video based mini course/tutorial teaching you everything you need to know on how to add videos to your Instagram puzzle. It will walk you through all the steps on how to prep your video, slice your Instagram feed and then integrate it seamlessly. You will learn how to edit and export the video using Photoshop.

# C O M P A T I B L E W I T H

Photoshop only. No other software required. This works best for any puzzle template created in Photoshop! If you used Illustrator or Canva for your puzzle there will be a considerable effort to convert each artboard to .psd format first. 

# T H I S I S P E R F E C T F O R

Instagram, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Graphic Artists, Entrepreneurs… and YOU!!!!


SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the nature of this product being immediately available for your use, refunds or exchanges are not permitted.


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