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Hello Beautiful…


in case you are wondering who is behind this little place on the world wide web… it’s me Judith from @juniperoats. Ever wondered, “how on earth does she do this puzzle and how can I create one myself”? Well, I do get those questions A LOT, so I thought it was time to launch a resource dedicated to, well YOU! 🙂


So welcome to my humble little online store filled with Instagram goodies for you to rock your biz.


Looking fabulous on Instagram has never been easier. I promise. 🙂

Lot’s of love,

Judith xo

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# C U S T O M I N S T A G R A M D E S I G N S

Looking for more than just a pretty feed? Realize that Instagram stories is where it’s at for your business to grow on social media? Or simply want some animation in your post that will stop people in their tracks or better mid-scroll? Look no further, grab any or all of these awesome Instagram designs, all handcrafted by yours truly and many to be seen in action on my own account: @juniperoats.

# H O W I T W O R K S

After your purchase, you will be asked to fill out a very small style quiz as well as send me all your design assets and then within 4-5 working days of receiving a completed quiz and those assets, I will create your custom Instagram graphics. On brand and ready to post. In the case of story templates, you will also receive a link to a short video tutorial that will show you how easy it is to swap out images and change things around in the future.


# C O M P A T I B L E W I T H



This template requires your style input and brand assets, such as photos, hex or RGB color codes, patterns and fonts. If you don’t have any of these available but are still interested in getting your custom template, contact me at and we can talk about a more detailed service for you.

# T H I S I S P E R F E C T F O R

Instagram, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Graphic Artists, Entrepreneurs… and YOU!!!!




This is a handcrafted digital product, not a service contract, therefore JuniperOats studio is not responsible or liable for any alterations you wish to make after receiving the final product. Due to the nature of this product being immediately available for your use, refunds or exchanges are not permitted. The ownership of the necessary Adobe software (either Photoshop or Illustrator) is required by anyone purchasing the product. Alternatively, outsourcing to third parties who will provide you with that software is fully permitted and encouraged. JuniperOats studio is not responsible for maintaining the product after its creation.

This product is a one-off custom design, which will allow full and exclusive rights of usage to its purchaser. JuniperOats Studio retains the copyright to use any rejects for future products of this kind. However, any products used will only be used in the context of marketing efforts. All aspects of this product are the intellectual property of JuniperOats Studio and are not permitted for resale to a third party.

Some of these products require a minimum of 4 photos. No work can commence without receipt of such photos and their approval of quality by JuniperOats Studio. E.g. in the case their resolution or overall quality cant achieve a great quality template. In that case, JuniperOats studio will notify the client about the issue and will await updated photo assets. Only then the 4-5 workday fulfillment period will commence.

JuniperOats Studio has the right to withdraw from the fulfillment of any product if the above terms cannot be met or agreed upon by the purchaser. In those cases, a full refund will be issued, as long as no design work has begun. In that case, the purchaser may be entitled to a partial refund. No refund can be issued after the delivery of a full product.


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