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Oh hello, Gorgeous…


Thanks for stopping by! You might wonder what this collage ‘thang’ is and why you should care. Gosh, I am glad you are asking! 🙂


What it is: a beautiful custom collage using a combination of intentional imagery, your brand photos, and your favorite symbols + objects. In other words: things that make you uniquely YOU.


What it will do: create a hero image for your personal brand that will stop your dream audience mid-scroll and engage them in a way that will make you memorable AF. (Excuse my millennial “French”.) 😉


Use them for your Instagram, your Blog, on Pinterest, your Websites, for your Podcast cover, on Youtube, print beautiful t-shirts, phone wallpapers and anything else you dream off.


Looking fabulous on Social Media (or anywhere really) has never been more fun. I promise. 🙂

Lot’s of love,

Judith xo

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# C U S T O M I N S D I G I T A L C O L L A G E

Bored with your current content? Looking for a fresh graphic that is as you unique as you and your brand? As a gorgeous ‘granddaughter’ of the Dada Design Movement, digital collages have become a newly re-discovered way to stand out from the busy digital crowd and spark a new creative way to stop the scroll and sweep your dream audience off their feet – or should we say Eames coffee shop chair. 😉

# H O W I T W O R K S

After your purchase, you will be asked to fill out a very small style quiz as well as send me all your photo(s) and then within 3-4 working days of receiving a completed quiz and those assets, I will create your custom collage. On brand and as unique as you.


# C O M P A T I B L E W I T H

Any platform but you will get 1 square (Instagram and podcast ready) + 1 horizontal (FB and youtube friendly)  + 1 vertical (for being pintastic) version of your collage. Ready to rock any digital channel.


This design requires your style input via a little questionnaire plus your photo (feel free to send more than one).


# T H I S I S P E R F E C T F O R

Influencers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Makers, Shakers… and fabulous YOU!!!!





This is commissioned art, not a service contract, therefore JuniperOats studio is not responsible or liable for any alterations you wish to make after receiving the final product. Due to the nature of this product being immediately available for your use, refunds or exchanges are not permitted. The ownership of the necessary Adobe software (either Photoshop or Illustrator) is required by anyone purchasing the product. Alternatively, outsourcing to third parties who will provide you with that software is fully permitted and encouraged. JuniperOats studio is not responsible for maintaining the product after its creation.

This product is a one-off custom design, which will allow full and exclusive rights of usage to its purchaser. JuniperOats Studio retains the copyright to use any rejects for future products of this kind. However, any products used will only be used in the context of marketing efforts. All aspects of this product are the intellectual property of JuniperOats Studio and are not permitted for resale to a third party.

This product requires a minimum of 2 photos. No work can commence without receipt of such photos and their approval of quality by JuniperOats Studio. E.g. in the case their resolution or overall quality cant achieve a great quality template. In that case, JuniperOats studio will notify the client about the issue and will await updated photo assets. Only then the 4-5 workday fulfillment period will commence.

JuniperOats Studio has the right to withdraw from the fulfillment of any product if the above terms cannot be met or agreed upon by the purchaser. In those cases, a full refund will be issued, as long as no design work has begun. In that case, the purchaser may be entitled to a partial refund. No refund can be issued after the delivery of a full product.



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